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There are many ways to help support The Mission. You can volunteer your time and skills to help by being a prayer team member, assistant shopper, stocking shelves, unloading food in our warehouse, or assist in our administrative tasks. Additionally, you can make a financial donation to help us continue our work and provide transitional housing to those in need. Your generosity makes a huge impact and helps us serve our community even better.



The Mission cannot Meet the Need without our volunteers. If you would like to help you can call or email, or you can use the link below!


We are in need of volunteers during the following times:

Monday        9:30 - 2:30

Tuesday       9:30 - 2:30

Wednesday 9:30 - 2:30

Thursday     1:30 -  5:30

Friday          9:30 - 12:30


Our food pantry only operates with your help. We operate entirely off of the generosity of people like you. Without you, there would be no Mission Norman. For those that are financially able, canned food and financial donations are greatly appreciated. 


Another way we meet the need is our transitional housing. We now have four homes that serve as transitional housing to families in need. These living facilities are for unhoused families with children. The residents may live in the facilities for up to12 months. Once they find employment, we encourage residents by training residents with budgeting skills.

We aim to help our transition housing residents with life skills such as how to find a job, keep a job, care for themselves, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There will be onsite staff to ensure the residents’ well-being. The community will be gated and guests must be added to the approved visitor’s list 48 hours before the visit.

The Mission will do everything within its power to guarantee a safe living facility.

In 2023, we helped 39 families and their children through our transitional housing program.

Our goal for our transitional residents is to see them become self sufficient. 

Plans are being made to add eight more dwellings in 2024-2025.

If you have questions about the transitional homes, wish to apply for future residency or wish to support the transitional homes, please contact The Mission using one of the methods listed at the bottom of this page or you may donate online.



  • What is food insecurity?
    Food insecurity is lack of access to adequate food because of limited money or other resources. Food insecurity can lead to the physical condition of hunger, which ranges from temporary discomfort to sustained, life-threatening undernourishment. Food insecure people are often forced to skip meals, eat less, buy cheap, non-nutritious food or feed their children but not themselves. Food insecurity can cause numerous health problems and can damage a child’s ability to learn and grow. Food insecurity during pregnancy can lead to premature birth and/or infant mortality. People who are food insecure may have to choose between buying food and paying for medicine or healthcare, which can further damage health.
  • What kind of food can be donated?
    Collected food is both perishable and non-perishable. It is a true win-win situation for everyone involved because it is food that is no longer sellable but is still nutritious and healthy. Most requested foods are peanut butter, instant mashed potatoes, cereal and spaghetti sauce.
  • How can my company partner?
    We welcome agencies who are interested in forming partnerships. If your agency would like to participate please email us.
  • How can we get involved?
    There are several great ways you can help Meet the Need and involve your colleagues and community. Host a food and/or fund drive, start a workplace giving campaign or just drop off some much-needed items at the Mission. The Mission accepts all types of food donations in all quantities.
  • What are creative ways to help?
    Consider a Food drive parade. Designate a day or weekend for donation drop off. Choose a location where donors can easily drive by, pop open a trunk, and volunteers can unload the donations.
  • I am hungry, what do I do?
    If you need food assistance, please call 405.321.8880 or come by the Mission during business hours.
  • How far do our funds go?
    Because we are able to leverage our partnerships with food suppliers, every dollar donated to help meet the immediate need for food provides $4 in food and services.
  • How can we raise funds?
    Make an Impact With a Event or Activity. People and organizations in the OKC Metro community have the opportunity to host third-party fundraisers benefiting The Mission. Proceeds support provide food today and help create a hunger-free tomorrow.
  • How is the Mission funded?
    Individuals, corporations, churches, foundations and organizations all provide financial support. For every dollar raised, we are able to leverage our partnerships to provide $4 worth of food and services to the community. If you would like to join our community of supporters, please visit our Paypal site and to make a tax-deductible gift.
  • How can I volunteer?
    Volunteers with big hearts and a desire to solve hunger are welcome. We are always looking for new volunteers with a variety of skills. Visit our volunteer page to find out more.
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