Spreading Christ's Love To The Homeless And Those In Need In Central Oklahoma

We will remain open and committed to serving the community during this difficult time. There will be limited access to the food pantry, so please be patient with us when you come by for assistance. 

Mission Norman is a private, publicly supported, non-profit corporation organized and operated to minister to a hurting world, particularly to persons who are homeless, by providing transitional housing, clothing, food, counseling, and other services as a ministry founded upon and carried out for the love of God and His son, Jesus Christ.

We see the brokenness in the world around us as an opportunity to share the Gospel. With so much brokenness around us, we cannot do this alone. We need your help! There are three specific areas we need people like you to step into. First, we need people to pray. We are fighting a spiritual war and we need prayer warriors. Second, we need people to volunteer. We need people to pray with the broken who come, we need people to lead bible studies during the week, we need people to come help unload and hand out the food that is donated. If you have some free time and are willing, we can find a place for you to serve here. Third, we need people to donate. 100% of all donated funds go directly to feeding those in need, providing transitional housing or offering financial assistance those in need. We operate entirely off of the generosity of people like you. Without you, there would be no Mission Norman.

Financial Assistance

Once a year families can request help with a bill. We pay the last $25 of a utility bill or rent and can offer assistance with medicine or even gas to go to a job interview.



The main way we serve the community is through our food pantry. Those in need are allowed to come visit the pantry once a month and pick out the food that best meets the needs of their family. The amount of food they receive is based on the number of people in their home. In 2018 we served 7,557 households  which equals 444,612 meals and we gave out 400 Thanksgiving day baskets to families in need.



We now have four homes that serve as transitional housing to families in need. These living facilities are for homeless families with children. The residents may only live in the facilities for 6-12 months at the maximum. Once they find employment, they must start to save money for when they move out.

Spiritual guidance will be provided to all residents. They will be taught skills such as how to find a job, keep a job, care for themselves, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There will be onsite staff to ensure the residents’ well-being. The community will be gated and guests must be added to the approved visitor’s list 48 hours before the visit.


To live in the transitional housing facilities, residents must be free of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and pornography. Residents will receive a background check before being admitted to the facilities. If the residents have been committed of a felony or are found to be a sexual predator, they will not be admitted to the living facilities. Mission Norman will do everything within its power to guarantee a safe living facility.

In 2018 we helped 34 families and their children through our transitional housing program.


If you have questions about the transitional homes, wish to apply for future residency or wish to support the transitional homes, please contact Mission Norman using one of the methods listed at the bottom of this page or you may donate online.

Spiritual Formation

One of Mission Norman’s greatest needs is Bible study Leaders. GOD is able to meet our material needs out of His abundance, but GOD does not force anyone to serve. Because of this, Mission Norman has the Bible study materials and open access to apartments, but cannot operate a Bible study in many places.

If you have ever wanted to serve GOD in a new bold way, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. Anyone can lead a Bible study. It is not easy work, but it is not skilled work. Jesus tells us, “Do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you” (Matthew 10:19–20). If you feel like GOD is calling you to serve, do not delay! There are hundreds of people that need you to tell them about the good news of Jesus Christ!.

Approximately 57% of Norman residents currently live in multi-housing units, such as apartments, mobile homes, and town houses. 97% of these people do not attend church anywhere.

Mission Norman cannot ignore these statistics. To reach these people, we take church to them. Bible Study teachers go out to these housing communities, receive permission from management, and establish a bible study right in their front yard. the gospel goes to them. as it says in the bible, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15

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