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We are dedicated to doing our part to help the hungry and homeless in central Oklahoma because we know the need is great.


  • In 2022 Mission Norman was able to assist 15,722 people.

  • We distributed 330,163 meals.

  • 285 families were helped with: rent, medical prescription, gas vouchers, and utilities. 

  • 420 families were given Thanksgiving meals + we provided 1,900 Christmas gifts to 640 kids.

  • We provide assistance in 47 cities and 31 counties.

  • We worked with 171 volunteers who served a total of 5,800 hours. 

  • We provided housing for 17 families allowing them to find jobs, cars & their own housing in 2021.

Thank you to all of the churches, businesses, and individuals who partnered with us to make this possible.


Know The Need

400,000 Oklahomans live in extreme poverty.


648,000 Oklahomans live with food insecurity.

The need to feed the hungry in Oklahoma is extremely great. Each of those numbers represents people who struggle to find food to eat each day. Not only are some Oklahomans struggling with hunger, there are several thousand unable to find adequate housing. According to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, "Oklahoma had an estimated 3,944 experiencing homelessness on any given day. Of that Total, 300 were family households, 280 were Veterans, 322 were unaccompanied young adults (aged 18-24), and 954 were individuals experiencing chronic homelessness."


Without the stability of living in a home, most of these people are unable to take the needed steps to get out of their desperate situation.

See The Need

Our invitation to you is to come see the need for your self.


In one short visit you can see the impact we are having in the lives of the hungry and homeless. You could help someone load up their groceries or talk to one of our transitional housing residents. Our staff would like to show you around and help you see the need in Central Oklahoma.

Meet The Need

The main way we meet the need in our community is through our food pantry. Those in need are allowed to come visit the pantry once a month and pick out the food that best meets the needs of their family. The amount of food they receive is based on the number of people in their home.


Our food pantry only operates with your help. We operate entirely off of the generosity of people like you. Without you, there would be no Mission Norman. 

Transitional Housing

Another way we meet the need is our transitional housing. We now have four homes that serve as transitional housing to families in need. These living facilities are for homeless families with children. The residents may live in the facilities for up to12 months. Once they find employment, we encourage them to start saving money for when they move out.


We aim to help our transition housing residents with life skills such as how to find a job, keep a job, care for themselves, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There will be onsite staff to ensure the residents’ well-being. The community will be gated and guests must be added to the approved visitor’s list 48 hours before the visit.


To live in the transitional housing facilities, residents must be free of alcohol, and drugs. Residents will receive a background check before being admitted to the facilities. If the residents have been committed of a felony or are found to be a sexual predator, they will not be admitted to the living facilities. Mission Norman will do everything within its power to guarantee a safe living facility.

In 2018 we helped 34 families and their children through our transitional housing program.

Our goal for our transitional residents is to see them become self sufficient.


If you have questions about the transitional homes, wish to apply for future residency or wish to support the transitional homes, please contact Mission Norman using one of the methods listed at the bottom of this page or you may donate online.

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